Chin State

History of Hakha University

Background History

Location : Opposite of Golf Field, Myo Thit  Quarter, Hakha Township, Chin State.

Area : 524 acres

Opened On : 9th, November, 2016, about 264 students in 2016-2017 academic year.

Faculty & Staff :Teaching staff is 69 teachers and office staff is 90 persons. 1129 students in 2019-2020 Academic year.

Building : Six buildings for teaching and offices, one women chummery and one men chummery, three hostels with two for girls and one for boys. (7) Staff quarters.

Strategic Plan

  • To continue with extended programs in highly demanded fields of study.
  • To attract the more students from local community in terms of interest and ability
  • To enhance quality of teacher and staff
  • To be a research oriented university
  • To collaborate with national and international institutions
  • To fulfill human and material resources, support services, and information technology

Action Plan

  • To establish the faculties of Arts and Sciences, engineering and computer.
  • To recruit resource persons and hire English native teachers
  • To send the faculty members oversea to get foreign exposure
  • To create a stimulating environment for research students
  • To provide research training and increase research output
  • To upgrade the library to be a sufficient one
  • To increase number of partnerships with local community and industry and government


  • The members of Hakha University believe that:
    • Our community of scholar must be founded on the pursuit of knowledge through research.
    • To build teaching and learning environment with membership acquired on the basis of intellectual merit for excellence.
  • We cherish that:
    • Academic freedom, creative and innovative through, ethical standard and integrity accountability, responsibility and social justice: and
    • Our staff and students as college’s core asset.